A designer who loves digital and is looking for a new adventure

In action


I am a Digital Designer and like many, a bit of a pixelpusher. A painter and a book nerd. An amateur cook and a food delivery type. Something different everyday or the same day in, day out – but always looking for an adventure. I do, I learn, I create.


My name is Adinda. To start the day right, I enjoy morning cappuccinos with a good book. During the day I love working on a good project within a team, but working alone is also not a problem. you will catch me sketching out ideas and brainstorming away. I am a true believer of banning out the digital before a great idea comes. After, you will see me with a smile on my face behind my computer, happy that everything goes well and the design is turning out amazing.  


I am a very multidisciplinary designer and will never stop learning. So if you might find some skills missing, there’s a good chance I am currently on my way to master them or will do so in the future!

What I do

– Visual Design
– UX Design
– Design Methods
– Graphic Design
– Storytelling

When I do it

– Pixel Perfect
– Out of the box
– 102% effort
– Flexible
– Made with Love

How I do it

– Adobe (AI, PS, ID, XD)
– Sketch
– Invision
– Pen and Paper
– Imagination