The new Maestro and MasterCard designs for SimpledCard in the current corporate style, with a colour distinction for different use purposes. With this design, the new SimpledCard payment cards will be a step closer to the future of innovative payment and banking methods. Where the MasterCard is used for business transactions over seas and online payments, the Maestro will out itself in two variants. One as the current maestro debit card, the other one will be featured in a brand new market program.


For this assignment I had full responsibility, first I had to create a briefing and investigate the wants from the brand manager. After I’ve proposed a quick sketch of the basic layout which was approved. The next step was picking out the right shades and shape of the wave that fit the corporate SimpledCard style. In total more than 100 variants have been creating with big and small differences. Once one  of the designs was eventually decided one, I made different prototypes as a final check and made it print proof.


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