Every day thousands of suitcases roll into the reclaim area of Schiphol on their way to their owner. The passengers anxiously waiting are constantly checking the time on the digital signs, but it seems to take a lot longer, maybe they are in the wrong area? This uncertainty that they are experiencing unconsciously forces them to clutter around the baggage belt.


The assignment from Schiphol was to map the process of people cluttering around the baggage belt and solve this issue. They assume it slows down the reclaim process which makes for an unsatisfied experience. The eventual goal is to present a conceptual solution. Within this project i’ve worked in an international and multidisciplinary team setting as a (UX) designer and creative lead. With the help of different created research methods we’ve collected trustworthy and valuable insights and shaped a conceptual proposition.


To gain a better view on the situation we staked different observation in the reclaim area. These observations where mapped in multiple variants of a floorpan. Followed up by surveys in the area. The behavioural observation pointed out that crowding around the belt was emphasised by the constant focus on the mail goal of the individual: fetching their baggage.

It resulted in the fact that a big part of the questioned people refused to take part in the survey. They simply where afraid that they’d miss their bag, even though the digital sign said it could take a while.

A long story short, the key finding was that the experience of the passenger needed to ben enhanced. With the results that their waiting experience would be a positive experience including an after experience. Reaching the passenger on a personal level gives them a feeling of welcome and belonging in the process, the next step in the research was to see which type of approach was the right one. By quick prototyping (app/ stop motion / real life chatbot) multiple ideas where tested.


The family Fline welcomes you to Schiphol Airport. The idea of the family Fline is to implement a family of chatbots through the whole Schiphol customer journey. For this project we focussed on the ‘Belt Family’, where Anna-Belt and Chris-Belt welcome you on baggage belt 1 and 2. They say hi when you exit the plain and send you to their belt.


The personal baggage assistant is mainly a automatic chatbot that sends the passenger information based on their tracking tag of their bag. Which is generated by the already existing baggage process. The reclaim halls wil also be given a make-over, completely in the style of the belt-family. The visualisation on the ground will support the grab-and-go area for the passenger who’s bag are in arrival.

  • Assigner

    Schiphol Airport
    MediaLab Amsterdam

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    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Indesign

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    Implementation plan
    Working prototype
    Storytelling presentation
    Future vision